Impulse – A Strong Sudden Urge or Desire To Act

When you have an impulse to do something, it is scientifically proven (by who I dont remember) that a gateway of action is opened for five seconds. One…two…three…four…five. Then it is gone and if you haven’t acted on this impulse, chances are you wont. Ever.

Now that’s a lot of good ideas, inventions, world changing thoughts that will never see the light!

So when I had the impulse to write, with a platform to share it on, I knew I couldn’t delay and put this site together before the urge passed. So here is a starting summary.

I am in still very much in the early stages of building Barenaturals. I have a definitive vision and know exactly how it will be. How it will produce healthy & world friendly products to be sold around the globe and have a mission of empowering people to remember how much fun it is to spend time outside reconnecting their roots to this earth, through adventures and compassion.

This may sound far fetched in this super industrial high tech world. I started off this vision with no money and in a place where only my wits, some loyal allies and a big dream was all I had. In fact all these elements are still very relevant. But now with this blog I have the ability to tell my story as it unfolds, to show others my dream in the hope that they too will wish along with me for it to be real. That it will inspire them to chase & catch their own dreams. The immense magical power of thought brings dreams to life and makes the impossible melt away. The immense magical power of thought brings dreams to life and makes the impossible melt away. Click To Tweet

Before you turn away thinking that I am probably insane, let me show you what perseverance and a slightly delusional disregard to what you are ‘supposed to do’ will grant you and what I have accomplished so far.

Without any investment or uncommon resources, I have built a awesome brand, a website that is visited by thousands of people weekly, a combined social media following of over 100K. I’ve created a range of products that work beautifully with the world that we live in and sold them in many countries around the world, trademarked the brand in many countries and picked up an award for Best New Business.

At present there is no plastic in our packaging because of the effects that plastic waste is having in our oceans. I will keep growing it bit by bit. Doing the best I can with what I have, until everyone has the choice of true ethical consumerism. The reverse of greedy plundering corporations killing the planet and dominating the choices that people currently have.

I meet a lot of people who tell me how much they would love to start a business but they don’t know where to start, they haven’t the right education for it or any money to begin. I want this blog to show anyone who relates to these struggles, that these things are not obstacles, in fact they at times maybe even be a strength. Heck if I can do it. Then you most certainly can!

I’ve never taken a formal business class but what I do regularly is read, observe and listen, everyday from many sources. And this stuff I learn, has more application value to my goals than the prescribed curriculum on many university courses. It helps make me think creatively about problems that I am faced with and adapt with sometimes radical and often unusual solutions.

Just for fun, the two animals I identify with are the humming bird and the bumblebee. One, a plucky thing with wings that beat 60 times a second and a heart that beats a thousand times every 60 seconds.

The humming bird gets to her goal by taking small, tiny frequent actions over and over, doing the best she can whatever weather or foe she is faced with. This is the bird in my logo, she might not be a fearsome tiger or cool wolf, but she does has amazing tenacity and passion and that I respect.

Darcey Croft Hummingbird

small frequent actions to reach your dream

The other, who hasn’t heard the definition of physics that it is impossible for him to fly; so he fly’s anyway.

Darcey Croft bumble bee

didnt read the memo to say he couldnt fly

If you could sweep away your obstacles, what dreams would you like to build? tell me in the comments below. And if you’ve liked this post, encourage me to write more by signing up to receive more just like this one.

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