Easy to Make CLAGS Anti-Fatigue Green Juice


This refreshing anti-fatigue juice is one of my favourites! So simple and easy to make. No hard to find ingredients. No complicated recipe to follow. A great way to boost your metabolism whatever time of day.

Its especially great if you need a shot of energy or are feeling under the weather. Added bonus, kids will love it and getting some sneaky raw greens in to the little darlings before school can only ever be classed as an achievement!

To learn this juice off by heart repeat C.L.A.G.S a couple of times while picturing these fruit & veggies;

Darcey Croft Green JuiceCucumber. Lemon. Apple. Ginger. Spinach.

Its that simple! Now when you are next at the store you’ll remember to pick them up. I recommend eating organic produce if you can for very important reasons…click here to see why.

Here are the amounts to make enough for 4 generous glasses of juice.

1 large Cucumber
1 large Lemon
4-6 Apples
1 lump of fresh ginger (approx. 1inch)
1 bag of Spinach

Feel free to change the amounts of any ingredient to either what you have or what you prefer. Some days I want more of a lemon kick and chuck in a couple. Or if I feel like I’m under siege from a cold I might add extra ginger. Its all down to personal preference.

Throw all the CLAGS into the juicer and it doesn’t matter what order. Pour into a glass and enjoy!

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