Are You Stuck? This Is The No.1 Best Way To Free Yourself

Are you Stuck? this is the No 1 best way to free yourself isIn case you noticed, yes I did change the format of this blog.

There’s a good reason behind this. Previously, I had made navigation headings for posts that would fit certain categories. However these small insignificant details were causing me to procrastinate and delay creative output. After many weeks of punishing myself for being crap at posting new blogs Ive decided to stop the self pity and do something about it.

As with most limitations, chances are the immediate environment is playing a significant role. Change the environment and naturally your mindset changes with it. Online is no different and once I had analysed the issue, I realised it wasn’t so much my inability to post regularly, it was that I had restricted my creativity by prescribing what I had to write about. Even though the subjects were broad it still had created a self limiting belief somewhere in my head and thus avoidance mechanisms had been activated.

Now with this change, I can write everyday, whenever I like about whatever I like. Gone is the block. And as the marvellously creative Seth Godin says ‘write, until you are not afraid to write’.

Todays take away is that the first thing to do if you find that you are stuck, is change your environment. And if like me, its a creative output challenge. Then add to that, write more (or less, it doesn’t matter as long as you write) so you can fear less.

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Change your environment. Write more. Fear less. Click To Tweet

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