Hello & Welcome

Hi. I’m Darcey, founder of Barenaturals and a passionate digital evangelist. On this personal blog, I share my reflections on new frontier marketing and being a bootstrapping entrepreneur .


I figured if I was reflecting anyway (a key skill) it’d be a waste to not share the knowledge that I experience in transforming Barenaturals from a scrappy startup into a global brand.

I want to help you by sharing tips and tricks that I learn along the way to get you to where you want to be.

So if you want to improve, grow and discover more, click on subscribe and I will work hard to find gems for you.

A little about me.
As a bootstrapper, some of my time is given to take care of mums & deliver babies into this world in a super busy high risk London obstetric unit. Which can be as rewarding as it is dramatic. The rest of my time is sharply focused on the nurture of Barenaturals into a global brand & the influence of social activism for animal rights & welfare. This in part involves loitering intentionally on social media using my skills to grow brand awareness but also promote positive changes like plant based diets & compassion to other sentient life forms.
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